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Easy to use Durable High Performance Low CostEase-of-use, performance, and low-cost have made our SPOT-SPITTER® HS a favorite among greenhouse and nursery growers worldwide. Simplicity in design and easy installation mean lower labor and material costs. And since we offer a variety of wetting patterns and flow rates, you're sure to find a SPOT-SPITTER HS that fits your application. The SPOT-SPITTER HS controls water flow at the emitter, where it matters most. Other mini-sprayers require tedious, labor-intensive modifications of tube-lengths to develop the flow characteristics you can get in seconds using a SPOT-SPITTER HS. And unlike other mini-sprayers which tend to deform or break at the spray tip, the John Deere SPOT-SPITTER HS is made from premium resins, which resist tip damage and provide years of trouble-free operation. The loyalty to this product among veteran growers, and the continued adoption of it by each new generation, is a great source of pride to us at John Deere. The SPOT-SPITTER HS embodies the values of tradition, integrity, and innovation you can expect from John Deere, a world leader in cost-effective, precision water delivery systems.