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The engineers at John Deere designed the SPOT-SPITTER® Top & Stake combination to be your most cost-effective and versatile solution for a wide range of mini-spray needs. Applications include orchards/groves, landscapes, or wherever you need to wet soil surfaces under tree or shrub canopies. Precision manufacturing and simple, functional design give you complete control over both water pattern and water flow rates. Changeable SPOT-SPITTER Tops are color-coded so you can quickly choose a practical spray pattern and flow rate that suits your specific application. The result is uniform coverage for your trees and shrubs, reduced run-off, and better weed control. You get the water exactly where you want it, when you want it-every time. John Deere's commitment to tradition, integrity, and innovation have allowed us to create this performance product at a price that really works for today's cost-conscious grower. Practical spray patterns, ease-of-use, and reliability make the SPOT-SPITTER Top & Stake combination the overall performance leader in cost-effective orchard mini-spray applications.